Friday, December 28, 2007

A husband redeemed...a little...

I had not one present to open from my husband on Christmas Eve...OR Christmas Day...needless to say, he got a little ribbing on that one.

However, a large box arrived yesterday from Superstore...what was this? I hadn't ordered anything.

But my hubby had...everything that was in stock on my wish list that I sent him over a month ago and thought that he had ignored. Well, clearly, he did until the last minute since the package didn't arrive until AFTER Christmas, but when I opened it up and found these lovely items from Making Memories...

A 3-ring scrapbook album from the Noteworthy collection...

(Side note and question for readers: In my search for the 'perfect' album, I have used about every brand of post-bound...well, maybe not, but it seems that way...and I still haven't found 'the one'. I've seen a lot of the professional scrappers using 3-rings, so I thought I would give them a whirl. Have you used a 3-ring for your layouts? If so, what do you like or dislike about them? What do you consider to be the perfect album?)

a 10x10 blank calendar...

a one lonely little sheet of paper from the BEAUTIFUL new Noteworthy collection (unfortunately, the others were out of stock);

these gorgeous rub ons from BasicGrey;

these new items which are part of Karen Russell's continuing Narratives line;

this darling little 6x6 Bo Bunny chipboard binder;

and these darling and very colorful Chip Chatter letters...

I just had to forgive his tardiness!!

In other news:

Kaitlin was not feeling well today...just a stomach ache, it seems. So, she'd spent most of the morning on the couch which was covered with a towel and a bucket near her on the floor.

Around lunch time was gave her a nice warm bath and she seemed to perk up quick a bit, so after an hour or two of increased perkiness and less clinginess, I thought it was safe to venture out to make a much-needed drive through deposit at the bank.

As we were waiting for the clerk to send back the receipts (is it just me or does it seem like it takes them an insanely long amount of time to process a deposit??), Kaitlin suddenly proclaimed that her stomach was "hurting much worse again" and proceeded to throw up all over herself and the back seat of the car.

Not so safe after all, it seems.

The first thing she said with this pathetic little look on her face was, "I'm so sorry for puking all over your car, Mommy."

"It's okay, honey..."

I felt so bad for her...there wasn't much I could do really. I just told her to sit as still as she could and we would go straight back home and back into the tub...

Which we did and she really does seems to be better now. Whatever it was, I guess she got it out of her just too bad (and too typical) that it had to happen during the 15-minute period of the day in which she didn't have access to a bucket!

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