Monday, December 10, 2007

The Holiday Season is Definitely Here...

and all the busyness that comes with it!!

It snowed all afternoon and all evening on Saturday, but this weekend it was the fluffy stuff (we ended up with about 3 or 4 inches of it) and there was virtually no wind, so although it was really cold, it was quite beautiful.

Remember my icy ax picture from the weekend before? Here's the same ax after this weekend's snow.

Saturday night I took Kaitlin to the production of The Christmas Carol at the Dakota Theatre here in Yankton and she loved it! She sat and watched the whole thing beautifully! To make it even more exciting, her Junior Kindergarten teacher had a small role in it which I did not know before hand.

I have been toying with having Kaitlin tryout for Beauty and the Beast production which is going to be put on by the Lewis & Clark Children's Theatre Company here next March. She is not convinced she wants to do it, but seeing her teacher up there got her a little more excited about the prospect. We'll see...

After the play, we drove along Santa Clause Lane along Riverside Park to see all the lit-up snowmen, Santas, elves, reindeer...she was so awed by it all and with all the snow, it was quite enchanting. I want to go back some evening and get some pictures there...didn't have my camera with me that night.

Sunday I did some miscellaneous things around the house and worked on some Christmas ornaments that I am making for someone to give as a gift. I will share when I am done with them. I made similar ones last year for my mom and mom-in-law and they were a hit.

We watched TWO movies as a family in the evening...kind of a lazy evening for us. First, we watched Transformers, which I didn't expect to like, but was pleasantly surprised by it.

Second, we watched License to Wed which I knew I would love...I'm a sucker for those romantic comedies, ya know...Justin fell asleep about three-quarters of the way through that one.

Tonight, we went to the Santa's Workshop event at Kaitlin's school. There were all kinds of craft tables for Kaitlin to enjoy. She made a snowman notepad.

The principal helped her make a gingerbread man ornament.

Her teacher watched her make a snowman door hanger...

which she was very proud of!

She also got to Santa's lap...

Well, sort of.

On the way home, she said, "Mom, that wasn't Santa. It was just Mr. Brown...he was pretending to be Santa."

"Did you tell him that you knew it was him?"

"No, I didn't want to ruin the surprise," she said.

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