Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Go Elf Yourself!!

No, this is NOT profanity...but it is about the funniest thing you'll ever see.

Have you heard of "Elf Yourself" on the OfficeMax website? I had run across this myself about a week ago and was going to create one with Kaitlin's face, but just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

Then, my sister calls me tonight and says, "You have to go check your email RIGHT NOW! Mom just about pissed her pants!" (Sorry, Mom...but I just about did, too!)

So, I did and this is what I found (warning - may take a bit to load, but totally worth it!):

The Pechous Family Elf Yourself

Now, it might be as funny to you being you may not actually KNOW these people, but from left to right the dancing elves are me, my mom, my dad (he doesn't normally stick his tongue out, but adds SO MUCH to this), and my younger brother (with one of his classic goofy faces)...notice my sister didn't want to embarrass herself and therefore left out her face. I don't care though...it's just hilarious...and, of course, I think I'm the best (sexiest) elf!

AND...here's the Paulson Family Elf Yourself!

That's Justin on the left, Kaitlin in the middle and me on the right this time.

So, go make a dancing elf troup out of you own family faces and leave me a link in a comment...I'd love to laugh at your family, too!!
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