Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wildlife Safari

Justin and I really enjoyed our visit to the Wildlife Safari on our trip to Omaha a few weeks ago...hard to believe it was that long ago already. Here's some of my favorite pics:

There was only one black bear that we first he wasn't cooperating as he was directly below the lookout and right against the fence. Not the makings of a very good picture, but I was patient and caught this picture on our way back around.

These are Sandhill Cranes...Justin said he's never seen so many in all his life. There were at least a hundred.

The buffalo were not in the mood...all they would show me was butt...buttheads!

I'm really liking this picture:

The wolves were rather really had to search to find them in the wooded areas.

There was a smidgen of fall foliage left.

This was one really STEEP sent of 'stairs' along the trail. It doesn't look that bad, but this picture only shows a bit of it! Good thing it was towards the end of the trail...if it had been at the beginning, we probably would have turned around!

Overall, it was a beautiful day...right around 60 degrees and sunny. Can't ask for much more on an early November day in the Midwest. Hope you like the pics!
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