Friday, November 9, 2007

the week just hasn't slowed down... may be Friday, but it's still not over for me!

I received my first MemoryWorks party order in the mail on Tuesday! It was so exciting to get that BIG box of scrapbook supplies in the mail...too bad they're not all mine! My wish list instantly got a little longer after seeing all the great products everyone ordered. I spent the evening getting all the orders organized and ready for delivery!

This has been an very busy work week. Wednesday I traveled a couple hours away to visit a high school and visit with some prospective students.

In the evening, I delivered some MemoryWorks party orders to their happy recipients. My sister came over, so I gave her order. I also showed her the items I ordered and she made me instantly made me put in another order for her...good stuff, what can I say? My favorite two purchases were definitely the My Mind's Eye Festive Theme Set and the My Mind's Eye Frost Theme Set...just beautiful...can't wait for Christmas!!

My Mind's Eye Festive Theme SetMy Mind's Eye Frost Theme Set
Thursday was a full day of work and then we went to Sioux Falls in the evening for an Meet, Greet & Eat at Johnny Carino's to present to prospective students and their families...didn't get home until 10:15 p.m.

I found Kaitlin & Justin snuggled up and asleep together on the living room floor with the TV still on. I carried Kaitlin to bed, but Justin...well, he's impossible to wake up, so he stayed where he was.

Today has been a whirlwind of campus visitors...ten, I think...that's a lot of visitors for one day!

And tomorrow we have a Saturday group campus visit day, so my work week isn't over yet! I think we have about 20 students and their families coming for that...busy, busy day ahead.

Fortunately for our visit day, it looks like the weather is going to be beautiful for November (around 60 degrees).

Unfortunately for me, I can think of other things I'd rather be doing on what is likely to be our last 'nice' fall taking some fall pictures of Kaitlin perhaps. Hopefully, we can fit that in on Sunday after we get done bagging up all the leaves that have been getting deeper and deeper in our back yard over the past two weeks!

I still haven't had time to download my pictures from last weekend! Ugh...I am definitely looking forward to a few extra days off around Thanksgiving. I might even try to fit in a day to actually do some scrapping!
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