Monday, November 12, 2007

some Shakespeare and LOTS of leaves

My weekend proved to be just as busy as the week that led up to it...

Our Saturday campus visit day was successful...a few no-shows, but also a few that showed that weren't on our list, so it evened out.

After all the events were over, I got some long overdue grocery shopping done and then went out to pick up Kaitlin from Grandma's. She wanted to stay overnight, but when I told her we were going to a play that night, she settled for another time.

We went to the production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) up at the College. It was hilarious! It was also a lot of fun to watch because I knew all the actors in the play. They really did a great job.

Kaitlin thought it was great, too! This play is considered PG-13, so there are a few references in the play that may not be considered 'appropriate' for young children, but at 5, I think Kaitlin pretty much missed those anyway. Although she did at one point ask me what 'anus' meant and I told her we'd talk about it later. :-) There's also a little bit of language in the play, but, unfortunately, it was tamer than what she hear out of her father sometimes.

Sunday was a day of laundry and leaves...I mowed the lawn and bagged up NINETEEN bags of leaves! Whew! Too bad the trees aren't even done dropping yet. It had to be done, though. As it was, it was a three hour ordeal, but we should be on the downhill now.
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