Monday, November 26, 2007

Scrapping, Too Much Food, Wedding Shopping, and Christmas Decorating

Talk about a busy holiday weekend!

I had Wednesday off from work, so I scrapped all day. I'm getting back into my groove, I think...hopefully I don't loose it before I get a lot more done! :-)

Thursday we went to my parents' house first for dinner and spent most of the afternoon there just hanging out, visiting and nibbling WAY too much. Then, we headed out to Justin's parents to have a Thanksgiving supper (like we needed to eat again!) and visit some more. Kaitlin had a fun day with cousins, but was pretty wiped out by the end of, too!

Friday...MORE SCRAPPING!! Yah!!

On Saturday, Kaitlin and I went to Sioux City with my mom, sister, and niece to go wedding dress shopping for my sister, bridesmaid dress shopping for me and Emily (and the other bridesmaids...hope they like our taste!) and flower girl dresses for Kaitlin and her cousin. Whew! It went well. I think Lynn may have found "the one" and we also picked out bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. I took pictures, but am sworn to secrecy! Now we all just have to go on a diet. Except for Kaitlin, of course!

We also got in a little scrapbook shopping at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

Yesterday the Christmas decorations came out! The Christmas music went in and Kaitlin and I decorated...the tree is up, the stockings are up and the wreath is on the door. I had gotten a little tree on clearance after Christmas last year, so Kaitlin even has her own tree in her room which she decorated ALL purple, of course!

We even wrapped some presents in the evening. Kaitlin was quite disappointed that I thought hers could wait to be wrapped when she wasn't home even though she promised she wouldn't peek!
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