Thursday, November 1, 2007

Review: We Dare You: Scrapbook Challenges About Real Life

We Dare You: Scrapbook Challenges About Real Life by Kristina Contes, Meghan Dymock, Nisa Fiin, Genevieve Simmonds


Probably one of the most unique idea books I've seen in awhile, We Dare You will probably stay on my inspiration shelf for awhile! It's divided into six chapters. With each chapter title, I will list my favorite layout idea included in that section.

*The Good
"Safe Place" - They suggest creating a layout based on whatever you feel is your 'safe place' - whether it be an actually place, or a person or a period of time...definitely something to think about for me here.

*The Bad
"Hard" - This is something I never been able to bring myself to do...don't we all want to keep the bad memories/times out of our scrapbooks. However, they bring up a very good point. Scrapbooking those bad memories can be a form of therapy...getting it 'out there' and keep it from festering inside forever. Even if these might not be pages that you would want to share or submit for publication, they can be very important to do just for yourself.

*The Ugly
"Imperfect Photo" - Lord knows I've got these...those photos that just didn't turn out like you hoped, but does that mean they don't deserve to be scrapped? Heck no!

*The Silly, Wacky, Funny
"Shoes" - My page would be quite different than most women's on this topic and maybe that's exactly why I should scrap it! I've never been that big on shoes. I have a couple pairs for work, a couple pairs for home and a generally a couple pairs of tennies...nothing impractical shoes for this girl.

*The Random
"Seven Random Facts" - I've seen similar prompts before, but this one is really one that I must try. I'm thinking this prompt would also make a great ongoing mini-album about a seven random facts layout every week, month or year for an extended period of time.

*The Best
"Why I Scrap" - I've been scrapping six years and never done a layout about why I scrap! There should be a law against that or something!
Contained in the book are an amazing 177 layouts and altered projects (only a few of the later) by, of course, the four author artists, but also 11 other artists to illustrate their wonderfully inspiring prompts. More than any other idea book I've seen, this book really gets into the personal lives of some of these artists...I seriously came out feeling like I knew the four author artists!

Another thing I loved about this book was that they included a list of web links in the back to other interesting and inspiring websites, publications, artists, kit clubs, and suppliers. I always love searching the web for new sources of inspiration and their list provided me with several I had not yet run across.

And, if you find yourself wanting more after reading and admiring this book, you can find it online! The girls also host a website called The Dares where you can find even more scrapping inspiration!

There was a little extra interest for me as I started this book considering the controversy surrounding Kristina Contes and her recent repealing of her 2008 CK Hall of Fame title for including some layouts in her contest entry that featured photos taken by someone else. Part of me wants to say, "Shame on you, Kristina." Anyone in the industry as long as she has been should know not to submit work that is not completely your own from start to finish, especially for a contest as prestigious as this one. But, on the other hand, there is no denying Contes' talent. I tagged her layouts more than any other in this book!

The ONLY thing that caused me to mark it down a point? There were a few layouts in the book that included what I would consider vulgur language in the journaling. I know scrapping is all about 'real' life, but, come on, is that really necessary?

4 STARS...controversy and all...

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