Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm Not Above Flattery

I received this email from a blog reader the other day and it made my day! Thanks, Debbie!!

Jill ~
First I want to tell you I love your photos, especially of your little girl. And as a fellow midwesterner, I recognize many of the places you have photographed. I live in Des Moines and my father-in-law was born and raised in Vermillion; his sister still lives there and we make it up to visit her a couple times a year.

I have three grandchildren I love to photograph and am working on improving my skills. I have a Nikon D40x and I was wondering what lens would be your favorite for taking pictures of your daughter? Do you use something like a 50mm or a telephoto?

Debbie Jorgenson
Des Moines, Iowa
(posted with permission)

First of all, I was flattered that Debbie liked my pictures...what photographer doesn't like to hear that (ametuer or professional)!? But more importantly, I was even more flattered by the fact that she assumed that I must use a 'real' camera. One with the ability to use interchangable lenses to take my pictures...in other words, a SLR.

I don't...I use a Canon S3IS and although it is high-end point-and-shoot, it is still just a point-and-shoot. For the most part, I do love it, but the aspiring photographer in me does want to upgrade someday when budget allows. There are things I'd like to experiement with that I just can't with this camera...like depth of field...it's pretty limited on a P&S camera.

I posted a pretty extensive little beginner's digital SLR wish list as part of a review I did a while back on The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby...ah...someday.

Actually, my ideal camera situation would be to have a DSLR AND a small, but high quality point-and-shoot. Even though my Canon is a P&S, it's still a bigger, SLR-like camera in terms of it's body style and not always convenient to take everywhere. I'd like the smaller, high quality camera to keep in my purse...always ready for an unexpected shot and the DSLR for those designated photo shoots.

What's your ideal camera situation??
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