Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Anniversary, Birthday, Weekend Away and P/T Conferences

Wow! It's been awhile since my last post...a very busy week.

Last week, my husband and I celebrated 8 years of marriage as well as his 32nd birthday. So, we decided it was high time that we got out of Dodge...alone...together. Neither one of us remembers the last time this happened. It might have very well been our honeymoon, which didn't go so well (a story for another post perhaps) and might be just why we've subconsciously put it off for so long. :-)

Weekend Getaway
So, we went to Omaha. I had a couple free hotel nights built up from my business travel, so that certainly helped. We left early Friday afternoon and got home Sunday evening...hense, no posts.

What we did Friday night:

*Ate at Charlestons - Highly recommended...GREAT food...great atmosphere...and resonable prices
*Saw American Gangster at the Village Point Cinema - The movie was great. A different part for Denzel Washington...I'm used to him being a 'good guy', but still a great flick. It's based on a true story. Village Point is an up-scale open-air shopping center in Omaha that I always enjoy going to. What do you expect...there's an Archiver's there after all! I've never been there at night at this time of year though and it was quite 'romantic'. They have several outdoor fireplaces and such and it was kind of quiet when we were then...nice to just wander around. Even Justin liked it!

*Went to the Strategic Air & Space Museum in Ashland, NE - Justin was like a kid in a candy store...he's always liked anything that has a engine in it. :-)
*Drove/walked through the Wildlife Safari in Ashland, NE - This was neat. We saw elk, wolves, a black bear, turkeys, sandhill cranes, buffalo, white-tail deer, and antelope.
*Visited Cabela's in La Vista, NE - Justin cannot physically drive past a Cabella's without stopping.
*Visited a pawn shop...just to make this perfectly clear...this was NOT by my choice...it was a little scary...
*Ate at Spaghetti Works in the Old Market - I got my Bloody Mary here, so all was good and I started to forget about the pawn shop experience...they had horse drawn carriage rides down there, but we didn't have time...maybe next time.
*Saw Improv88 at the Grande Olde Players Theatre - The first thing Justin said when we got there was, "Is this a play?". (Because that would be BAD, of course!) No, it's not a play, but a type of comedy show similar to "Whose Line is it Anyway?" Funny show...lots of audience interaction, which was fun and different.

*Visited Bass Pro Shops in Council Bluffs, IA. - Justin had heard that this was even better than Cabela's, so there was pretty much no way we weren't going when we were this close. And, I must admit, it IS better than Cabela's!
*Visited a tool store...can't remember what it was called...that's how excited I was to be stopping there. :-)
*Headed to Springfield to pick up Kaitlin from Grandma & Grandpa's house.

We didn't get to do everything I hoped we would, but hopefully, it won't be 8 years before we go again! (And I REALLY hope he's got the pawn shop and tool store stuff out of his system now!) I did get some good pictures on Saturday at the museum and wildlife safari and will hopefully be able to share those later this week once I get them downloaded and such.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Last night we had Kaitlin's first Junior Kindergarten P/T Conference. We mentioned to Justin's mom the other evening when picking Kaitlin up that this was coming up and she said to Justin, "I always wished parent-teacher conferences on you. This just isn't fair...Kaitlin's just too 'good'!"

Mrs. Moser couldn't even really seem to come up with anything 'negative' to say, which is wonderful and I am very proud that she is doing so well in school.

Lately, though, she's been kind of a handful at home...not listening, whining, talking back...so we're really going to have to work on this, I think. It's nothing 'out of control' or anything, but makes for some unpleasant mornings when it's time to get up and get going for school/work. Clearly, she knows how to behave, so honestly, I attribute this more to my parenting skills than her ability to behave. If anyones got any good 'tricks' out there, let me know.
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