Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Wicked...Silly...Sweet Little Witch

It's revealed! Kaitlin is going to be a WITCH for Halloween this year.

After five years of sweetness - a ladybug, a duck (twice), Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz), and a purple Carebear - Kaitlin is finally going to be something 'traditionally' Halloweenish!! I am quite excited to be FINALLY able to do a Halloween layout in orange and black...and a little green!

It took two outings to get these pictures. We went out Sunday afternoon and Kaitlin was decidedly NOT in the mood. This was the only picture salvaged from the shoot:

But I've waited way too long for this to be satisfied with one measly little picture to document the event! No, we went out and tried again. Kaitlin was still not 'feeling it', but I was determined. So, out of about a hundred shots these are the ones that made the cut.

A sweet, if somewhat cheesy, witch.

What's a witch without a brew? Some leaves will do...and a little frog, too.

A definite favorite...love closeups! Yes...she's got mascara on. She insisted that the girl on the costume packaging had some on, so she had to have some too.

Hold your hat...she's cooking up something powerful!

Another favorite...love the composition of this shot. And her look is priceless, too!

Here...she's had enough...I'm lucky I didn't turn into a frog from that look.

Off to carve some pumpkins...

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