Monday, October 29, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend...

This weekend sure went quickly! I spent Friday night and Saturday morning getting ready for my first MemoryWorks party and the rest of the day just FLEW by!

I had a lot of fun at my party and I hope my guests did, too. Sales were even better than I expected and one of my guests wants to host a party sometime next month...also unexpected, but wonderful!

Just waiting to finalize a few things and then will be submitting my first party order. I can't wait! I don't think my sister can either as she is benefiting from the hostess credits on this one and is looking at $35 - $40 worth of FREE product!! Can't beat that...boy, I wish the consultant could also be the hostess! :-)

Sunday we didn't do much of anything. Justin had been out playing lumberjack most of Saturday, so he wasn't feeling very ambitious either.

We did get Kaitlin into her Halloween costume and go out to take some pictures later in the afternoon, but between some nasty sun spots and an uncooperative little girl, I didn't get much...maybe one picture out of the bunch. We're going to go out today after I pick up Kaitlin and give it one more go and see if we can come of with something a little better.

Notice I didn't disclose what Kaitlin's costume is? That's because I'm hoping to let the pictures do the talking...wish us luck!
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