Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Review: That's Life by Nic Howard

Amazon Description:
This book's unique day-planner format, and light-hearted, quirky voice will set it apart from other scrapbooking titles.

With its fresh, humorous approach to the seemingly mundane, That's Life offers scrapbookers insightful ways to depict their everyday lives through their
art. Divided into chapters dedicated to each day of the week, this day-planner-inspired format offers up endearing anecdotes, unique prompts, and charming ideas as well as example pages that will inspire the reader to create scrapbooks that are more authentic, organic and genuine than ever before.

Nic Howard is a recognized name and personality in the industry, both domestically and internationally, and is prominently featured in a variety of scrapbook magazines on a regular basis.
Howard's book is creatively divided into seven chapters, one for each day of the week.

Monday - The Essence of the Day
Tuesday - The Essence of Me
Wednesday - Everyday Moments in the Past
Thursday - Everyday Moments in the Future
Friday - People Around Us
Saturday - My Environment
Sunday - Life's Little Lessons and Words of Wisdom
Each chapter contains three distinct 'lessons'. Even the books graphic design (which I LOVE, by the way) supports the idea of the 'everyday' with it's typed notes on notebook paper 'attached' with masking tape, angled accent photos and coffee splotches and coffee cup rings throughout.

This book definitely focuses on 'what' to scrap rather than 'how' or 'with what products'. For a scrapper who unfortunately doesn't have the luxury of making her hobby her life's work, Howard gives examples of the layouts I really wish I had more time for instead of just getting the holidays and 'events' scrapped.

Five of my FAVORITE layout ideas from this book include:

*Daily Frustrations
*I Can't Believe We Used to Do That!
*Anticipating the Future
*Who is in My Day?
*Those Little Things People Say
Every chapter and lesson comes with several beautiful layout examples from Howard herself as well as 11 other scrap artists from the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. There are a total of 80 inspirational layouts compiled within this book!

I am certainly more inspired to FIND the time to scrap the 'everyday' after reading and admiring the wonderful layouts in Howard's book!


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