Sunday, September 2, 2007

SSFS #30 - The Question Every Scrapper Should Ponder

Why scrapbook?

I get it...some people just don't understand the concept of scrapping. Why spend all that time, effort, money just for a pile of pictures?? And in all actuality, I probably would have been one of those people about six years ago.

For me, so much has changed in six short years.

Debra Roby posted the "Why Scrapbook?" question on her blog at BlogHer the other day and many scrapper's have logged on to voice their opinion.

Here was my response:
I began scrapping in 2002 shortly before the birth of my only daughter, Kaitlin, because I couldn't find a baby book that I liked. I thought, "Well, I'll just make my own." Little did I know that making a baby book for her would turn into a HUGE OBSESSION...

I enjoy the whole process…taking pictures of the people and places that I love, finding new and beautiful product to showcase those photos, and preserving the stories and feelings behind the photos through journaling.

It makes me feel fulfilled that I am recording memories that I might have forgotten completely. It makes me feel fulfilled that my daughter will have a better record of the portion of her childhood she is not old enough to remember for herself as well as a testament to how precious she is to me. It makes me feel fulfilled that one day her grandchildren will not have to wonder what their grandmother looked like or what her life was like as a child (as I do of my grandmothers). They will be able to relive it together through her scrapbooks…and maybe even learn a little bit about me, too, in the process.
That was my answer today. Tomorrow I could probably come up with five different reasons. Scrapbooking is just that much a part of my life's part of who I am.

There are some very insightful and inspiring responces to this very personal question already in the thread. Reading others responses helped me to 'discover' even more reasons why scrapbooking has become so engrained in me.

*Visit Debra's post and read her post and the comments.
*Then, ponder the question for yourself. Why do you scrapbook?
*Put you reason in writing as a comment to Debra's post (remember to leave a link here) or in the comments right here if you prefer.
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