Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Red Square in Omaha's Old Market

Finally getting around to editing some of the photos from my trip to Omaha with my Mom and sister a couple weeks ago. Even though I didn't get any shots of Josh at the concert (I guess I'm not enough of a rebel to try to sneak in a camera like so many others did...), I did get some neat shots around town.

This is the storefront of a place called the Red Square in Omaha's Old Market. It is owned by a Czechoslovakian couple who come to Tabor's Czech Days every year. The girls in our family have gotten something for Christmas from them almost every year for several years. I've gotten a pair of Czechoslovakian crystal wine glasses and a vase, a garnet necklace and a bracelet...I'm forgetting something...but thanks Mom and Dad. They are all beautiful and will be wonderful family keepsakes! I even got my wedding jewelry from them.

It's a really neat place...you should stop in if you're ever in the area.

I have a lot more pictures from our Omaha trip...more to come!

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