Monday, September 10, 2007

Kaitlin Has Little Patience for My Teasing...

So, Kaitlin’s really got a thing for High School Musical lately. The other night, High School Musical 2 was showing on Disney and Kaitlin was watching while I was uploading some pictures to Shutterfly.

Troy, whom I pretended not to know, was in the middle of singing a solo and I saw Kaitlin mouthing the lyrics.

“Kaitlin, who’s that guy again.”
“That guy?” she asked pointing at the TV.
“That’s Troy.”
“Do you like Troy?
She hesitates…
“Like like like?”
“Like a boyfriend?”
“No…I just like him like a TV character friend, Mom.”
“Do you like he’s cute?”
Moooommmm!” Clearly, the end of the conversation…
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