Saturday, September 1, 2007

Josh...You Were Everything I Expected...and SO MUCH MORE!

I have been super excited for Josh Groban's Awake Concert in Omaha for months now. Despite spending what, to me, is a lot of money for a ticket, I knew it would be a great show. Well, I was most certainly not disappointed. Nor were my mom or sister, who previously were not quite as 'in love' with Josh as I am (my sister didn't even know who he was...gasp...the horror!). However, after the concert, I think they are believers in the wonders of Josh as well!

This is what I knew about Josh:
*He has a voice that moves me.
*He is amazingly handsome in a very unconventional way.

This is what I didn't know about Josh:
*He is musically inclined beyond his voice. For a few songs in the performance he took to the piano and it was beautiful and for a song towards the end of the show, he took over the drums as well.
*He's FUNNY. No, really funny. Not liked staged, comedian funny, but off-the-cuff funny. Some of it, of course, was more in the way that he said stuff than what he said, so it's hard to express it here, but believe me, he's funny.
*He may be talented musically, but the boy can't dance. After his duet with Kidjo (his opening act), she attempted to get him to dance. (That, too, was also a little funny. :-)) At the same time, the fact that he was willing to 'expose' one of his 'weaknesses' makes him just that much more charming.

In all seriousness, I cannot remember a time in my life that I have been moved from tears of emotional awe to laughter and back and forth so many times within a 2 hour period. This guy is a true entertainer. Honestly, there were moments within the show that I felt a bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Women in the scene where she attends the opera for the first time and she is so awed that her chest swells up, eyebrows raise and blinks away her tears.

Really, I've mainly shared my impressions of Josh and my experience at this concert, but if you'd like more 'details', here is a great review I found of the concert. It seems this reviewer agrees with me that Josh is much more than what you might initially suspect. She also gives a great rundown of the content of the show and although it was for a different location, it sounds pretty much the same.

One major difference was that we got not one, not two, but THREE encore songs...either Josh just likes us Midwesterners a bit more or we're just a little more persistent! :-)

My only I wish I would have gotten over the price a bit more and paid more for closer seats and I now kind of wish I would have taken my daughter along. Yes, she's only 5, but I know she would have loved this experience, too. An appreciation for GREAT music can never be developed too early.

I'll make up for that the next time Josh comes back our way...I would pay double to see him again...and next time Kaitlin will be with me.
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