Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Soccer Star in the Making...

I signed Kaitlin up for her first 'team' sport - soccer. The whole soccer thing has been a hit before she even hit the field. We went shopping for shin guards, new tennies and some shorts/shirts the other night and tried on the whole outfit once we got home. She would have slept in it if I would have let her!

Kaitlin had her very first soccer practice tonight. #1 - stretching is very important.

#2 - Kicking the ball with the side of your foot isn't as easy as it looks...especially if you are actually wanting the ball to go straight.

#3 - Having a good practice partner is also very important. This is a little boy that Kaitlin has gone to daycare with for about four years. They are quite good buddies...but Kaitlin insists they are 'just friends'. Hmmm...not sure what all their hand-holding is about then! :-)

#4 - Wind up (Is that the correct term? Side note - I know NOTHING about soccer.) is key.

#5 - Follow through after contact...

I guess the first practice was a little rough...look at Kaitlin's friend (had to the forehead)! :-)

I love how he's nonchalantly offering her a gentlemanly...

Updates to come...their first game is next Tuesday.
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