Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Review of "Find Your Groove" by Kitty Foster & Wendy McKeehan

Find Your GrooveFind Your Groove: A Guide to Discovering Your Scrapbook Style by Kitty Foster & Wendy McKeehan

Amazon Description:
*First book on the market about a hot topic--identifying your scrapbook style is a regular topic of threads on scrapbooking message boards
*Inspirational artwork illustrates a variety of styles
Once a scrapbooker knows her style, scrapbooking becomes easier and more focused. In Find Your Groove, authors Kitty Foster and Wendy McKeehan take readers on a journey of discovery with fun exercises, prompts and lots of page examples. This inspiring guide takes readers by the hand with engaging writing, insightful sidebars, and examples of art from a variety of designers to help them find their own unique and distinctive scrapbooking style.

Although I'm not sure I buy the Amazon's claim that is the 'first book on the market' on the topic, IT IS A GREAT BOOK! It is divided into 6 chapters that cover discovering your own personal style (including a FUN QUIZ) to stretching yourself beyond your personal style and finding inspiration in your own and other styles as well. The book outlines 9 common styles:
  1. Clean Lines
  2. Graphic
  3. Eclectic
  4. Classic
  5. Shabby
  6. Old World
  7. Hip & Trendy
  8. Anything Goes
  9. Journalistic
With over 120 layouts, the book is high on inspiration and if I were to classify its 'style' based on their descriptions, I would have to call it a Eclectic/Hip & Trendy combination. the book is well-organized and full of fun swirls and doodles and well as lots of many illustrations with a hand-drawn, water colored look.

Honestly, I can't really think of any 'CONS' for this book. It was informative, inspirational and FUN!

5 STARS!! Worth Every Penny!

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