Monday, August 13, 2007

On Hiatus...

I've been on hiatus from blogging for a few days now. I actually totally spaced my Sunday Spur yesterday (sorry, Sunday will be back next week). Between work really picking up (as it always does a few weeks before school starts), my grandmother being in the hospital, a concert and a two-day has been quite crazy lately!

As you already know from my post on Friday, the Daughtry concert was great!!

My grandmother is doing better...bit by bit. However, she and grandpa will not be able to return to their home and they actually got set up in the home in Tyndall, SD today. Hopefully, it all went well.

Our rummage was a HUGE success...almost $1,600 in sales with my hubby and I accounting for over a $1,000 of that. Definitely happy...too bad we've already got 'un-fun' places that the money needs to go. Oh least we have a little more room now.
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