Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Fishergirl - Catcher of 21 Fish!

Justin finally took Kaitlin fishing today! It was a long-awaited treat for Kaitlin. And this girl surely doesn't get squeamish around worms (definitely an attribute she did not acquire from me).

She was even pulling them apart for Justin to put on the hooks.

It seemed like Justin would no sooner bait her hook, cast her line and within minutes (sometimes seconds), she would be reeling in a little bluegill.

She was quite proud of her first catch, but then there was another...

and another...

and another.

I actually quit counting when her catch hit 10. The funniest thing was that all this time, Justin had been fishing, too, and he hadn't caught even one!! He teased Kaitlin that it must be her Barbie fishing MUST be 'lucky'. So, they switched. Guess what, Justin still didn't catch a fish...but Kaitlin did...on her Dad's pole. I guess it's not the Barbie fishing pole...

I think Justin did finally start catching a few towards the end of our outing and would pass it on to Kaitlin to reel them in. Kaitlin says she caught 21 fish and I don't think she's too far off...quite a bit better than her dad's two or three. I guess I've got a little fishergirl on my hands.

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