Monday, August 20, 2007

"Dad...Mom thinks Shane is cute!"

We had a great weekend with Riverboat Days. One of the highlights was certainly listening to Brule yesterday. I got some great pictures, too, which is always good.

This is Paul LaRoche. He's the one that started Brule and he has quite the history. He was at a young age and didn't even find this out, or that he was actually Native American, until his adoptive parents passed away.

This is his daughter, Nicole. She is quite the flutist...

This is Paul's son, Shane...and yes, I think he is cute. Kaitlin is quite perceptive...but not very discreet. As soon as we got home yesterday afternoon, she was telling on me (hence the title of this post). It turned out okay though. His response was, "Well, I think Nicole's pretty cute, too."

Here's the whole group. I really liked how I got the Meridian Bridge in the background of these shots.

They had some Native American Dancers join them for a few of their sets. They had some beautiful costumes.

This is Moses Brings Plenty. He plays percussion and has been in quite a few well known movies such as Hidalgo and Pirates of the Caribbean and is set to play Crazy Horse in an upcoming TV movie.

As for the next two photos, all I can say is "I'm jealous!!" (especially the one with Shane!)

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