Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Yeah, Mom Needs to Lose a Little Weight..."

Be careful what you discuss with your 5-year-old!

The other night Kaitlin and I were watching "Extreme Makeover" (not a usual for us)...but it was kind of interesting. Anyway, the individuals they were highlighting all had weight issues and it prompted my to say to Kaitlin that we should start going on our evening walks again. We did this A LOT last the park, to the pool, and just to go for a walk. So far this year, we haven't gotten out much because it's just been so busy, but things have started to slow down now...a little.

Last night, we were getting ready to go for our first long walk to Memorial Park (we went the long way, so it was about three miles round trip) so that Kaitlin could play awhile and I could read awhile. Some friends of ours happened to be walking by our house at the same time. So, we visited for a bit and as I was getting the stroller ready Mike asked, "So, you getting ready to go on a walk?"

Before I could say anything, Kaitlin chimed in, "Yeah, my mom needs to lose a little weight."

Gee, thanks honey. No, that isn't me in the photo and I certainly wasn't feeling so light on air as that woman seems to be after that comment. Good thing she tells me that I'm beautiful out of the blue every now and then...I might just be able to forgive her this little oversight. (But don't think we didn't have a talk about it after our friends continued their walk down the street!) :-)
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