Saturday, July 14, 2007

Story Time at the Library

At work a few weeks ago, a colleague of mine who takes her son to the same daycare that Kaitlin goes to said, "Kaitlin is signed up for Story Time (at the local library), too, right? Jaden is excited to have her there."

"Oh, yeah..." I had signed her up for this several months ago as it was one of the few summer programs our city offered in the evening and that I could take her to. "When does it start again?"

"Two weeks ago," she said.

"Oops...we'll be there tonight!" Let's just say June was a VERY busy month for me.

So, we've been going for a couple weeks now and Kaitlin really enjoys it. Jaden and Kaitlin have been joined at the hip...she'll even grab his hand (sorry...missed that shot) when they go in to the story room and out to the activity area. It's so cute!

They usually read three stories with a similar theme...this week's theme was being proud of who you are and standing tall.

There is usually some singing and dancing involved, too. "If you happy and you know it, clap your hands..."

And, then they watch a video and do a craft project. This week, they got to trace (or I did, rather) a life-size image of themselves on paper and color it to look like themselves. Pretty cute!
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