Monday, July 23, 2007

A Review of "Scrapbooking for the Time Impaired" by Kerry Arquette & Andrea Zocchi

Scrapbooking for the Time ImpairedScrapbooking for the Time Impaired: Advice and Inspiration for the Too-Busy Scrapper by Kerry Arquette & Andrea Zocchi

Amazon Description:
It’s a fast-paced world out there, and obody knows it better than moms. With all their “must-dos,” finding a moment to enjoy their scrapbooking can be a problem. Here’s the solution: a book that speaks directly to these busy mothers, offering support, information, and really fabulous ideas for creating great scrapbook art. Women will love the narrator’s voice (a mom, of course) that runs through the guide in the form of sticky notes and messages to herself. Honest and humorous, she represents the typical “scrapper,” and with her, readers can explore ideas for time management, discover scrapbooking inspiration in everyday objects, learn clever tips for journaling on the go, and see how technology can become their best friend.
As a mom who loves scrapbooking (and as a result of this, photography and blogging) and happens to also work full-time outside my home, this is an issue I can definitely relate to! The book is divided into 4 chapters which cover everything from finding inspiration in your daily activities, finding time within you daily responsibilities as well as journaling help and tips on moving past the obstacles that keep you from enjoying your creative side.

What I Really Liked:
*Within the book, there was 1 group of photos that was scrapbooked in 8 different versions and 5 sets of photos that were scrapped in 4 different variations. This really drives home the concept that there is no one 'right' way to scrap a photo...

What I Wasn't So Keen On:
*There were no supply lists on the layouts. When I see a product/layout I like, it's nice to be able to reference what the artist used.
*As a scrapbooker, I tend to pay a lot of attention to design - of anything (ads, websites, etc.) - especially in the books to which I'm referencing for inspiration. I felt this book was a bit lacking in this category. The design of this book in terms of layout seemed a bit haphazard.
*This one's minor, I admit, but I like to see where the artist are from. This book does not list that information neither with the layouts themselves nor in a contributor's list at the end of the book like I've seen in some other books.
3's just okay.
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