Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Spot-Coloring With Photoshop

Just having a little fun with one of my favorite shots from Czech Days 2007. I loved Kaitlin's stance and the way that she was 'framed' by the other dancers, but felt it could be even more dramatic with a little photoshop play.

The Original

Kaitlin in Color Only Kaitlin's Costume in Color

Please...tell me which one is your favorite: 1) all color, 2) Kaitlin in color or 3) only costume in color.

I used the same process to produce both altered versions (using Photoshop Elements 4):

  1. Open photo in Photoshop
  2. Right click on the photo in the layers palette (on the right)
  3. Select ‘Duplicate Layer’, name your layer and click ‘OK’
  4. Select your new duplicate layer
  5. Pull down the ‘Create Adjustment Layer’ menu and select ‘Hue/Saturation’
  6. Adjust the saturation to -100, click ‘OK’
  7. Click on the ‘Zoom’ tool in the left sidebar and zoom in on your photo so that you can easily see your edges
  8. Click on the ‘Eraser’ tool in the left sidebar
  9. In the bar just above your photo, choose your brush type and size (totally depends on the level of detail in your photo and the degree you zoomed in on your photo – choose levels you are comfortable with)
  10. Start ‘erasing…you should see you color copy (the background) begin to show through
  11. When you are finished, pull down the ‘Layer’ menu and select ‘Flatten Image’
  12. SAVE
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