Friday, June 22, 2007

Kiddie Parade Kaitlin

So, Kaitlin did enter the Czech Days Kiddie Parade last Saturday! Here's proof:

If I had had more time (in other words, not come up with a slogan and decided to put her in only the day before!), I could have done a little more. All I really had time for was the signs...wish we could have added some streamers or balloons or something to her bike. Oh well, there's always next year (because now that she's done it once, she's certainly not going to let me off the hook next year!).

It was a LONG, HOT wait for the parade to get underway and Kaitlin was getting a little crabby, but once she got the 'OKAY' to peddle and experienced the excitement of her cheering and 'aww'ing (as in, 'How cute is she?!') onlookers, she was all smiles. She rang her little heart out on her bicycle bell all the way through the parade (our slogan makes a little more sense now, doesn't it?).
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