Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Spur for Scrapbookers #18 - List of 10 Journaling

This week's spur is a list of 10 "10 Lists." These are great to use as prompts if you're in a journaling rut or want to create an 'all about me' layout (which can be tough for some).
  1. 10 things I learned in school that were NOT in the curriculum
  2. 10 of my very worst ideas
  3. 10 of my absolute worst pet peeves
  4. 10 people who are alive today I would love to meet
  5. 10 biggest fears
  6. 10 things I would do if I won the lottery
  7. 10 countries I would love to visit
  8. 10 favorite quotes
  9. 10 favorite scents or smells
  10. 10 things I expect in a good friend

Your challenge...choose one...journal it...scrap it
journal them all the inspiration for another day!

And feel free to share your responses to any or all in a comment box here or link us to your list!

My list:

10 favorite scents or smells:

  1. Lilacs
  2. Bath & Body Works - Warm Vanilla Sugar
  3. Fresh Cut Alfalfa
  4. The Air After a Spring Rain
  5. Yankee Candles - Clean Cotton
  6. Cedar Chips
  7. Warm Apple Pie
  8. My Not-So-Baby Girl (after her bath, of course!)
  9. Spiced Cappuccino
  10. Cinnamon Rolls
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