Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Spur for Scrapbookers #16 - Using Website Design as Scrapbooking Inspiration

Website design can be an excellent (and virtually endless) source of inspiration for layout design. Haven't you ever found a website that you just loved the design of...perhaps even perused simply to 'look' at it? I know that I tend to shop more at online scrapbook stores that have an attractive (and effective) layout of their website? How 'bout you?

It's no different with scrapbook layouts. Attractive (and don't forget the effective) designs make the eyes linger...soaking it all in. Here is a slide show of some of my favorite web page designs as of late:

Just a few of the design elements I especially LOVE:
*scalloped edge along the top of the green block in 'big cartel'...notice the cute little notch on the bottom left?
*the 'photo' blocks in 'capacity' w/ the blue strips running across - perfect for captions or subtitles
*the 'surprise' added by the curve in 'forty eight designs' in an otherwise 'straight' design
*the tone-on-tone vertical title treatment in 'kandi evans'
*the interesting color combinations in 'momono'...brown, black, fuchsia pink and a grey pattern...lovely...
*the jagged edges on the photos in 'mountain lake church' on the top and bottom ONLY...adds a hit of flair without going overboard (and allows you to dust off those ancient deco-edge scissors!)
*the simplicity of the design in 'the bravern'...really allows the photos and title to shine

Challenge 1: What elements really pop out at you in these web page designs? Share one or two with me.

Since I have so recently stated collecting these images in a favorites folder on my computer, I haven't actually scrapped off any of them yet, BUT I can't wait until my next scrapping day. I can guarantee you at least one of these designs will manifest themselves in my scrapbooking. Sure, it will take a little adjusting, but any of them could be easily converted to a 12x12 or other layout size...just use your imagination.

Challenge 2: The next time you scrap, choose one of these web page designs (or another favorite you've found) and create a scrapbook layout based on it. Don't forget to come back and link to your results. I'd love to see!!

Happy scrapping!

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