Thursday, May 10, 2007

No, I didn't get sucked up in any tornados...

...but it has been a while since my last post, for sure!

I believe I already mentioned my 'I-don't-want-to-go-in-the-house-ever-again!' issue with my daughter now that the weather has gotten warmer. Every afternoon when we get home, she wants to go right back outside to play and if the neighbors kids aren't out yet, she'll wait...or yell for them from the edge of our lawn until they come out to play. Sometimes I am able to bribe her in once it starts getting dark, but most of the time there are tears...and perhaps some kicking and screaming...involved. Most of the neighbors understand...they're going through the same thing.

So, with working all day and then having to keep an eye on her while outside almost every evening now, it sure doesn't leave much time for blogging...or anything else for that matter.

The storms of last weekend were pretty much over Saturday night...although there had been some threat that something might materialize on Sunday again, nothing did. We went for a drive in the afternoon to survey the damage...and it certainly made us feel lucky that we were out of the direct path of the storm. Here are some pictures of some of the damage we saw:

Here is a house west of Yankton with no roof... is its roof.

A grain bin impaled by a piece of lumber.

What is left of another grain bin crumpled in the ditch.

See all the corn on the ground? This is where that crumpled bin came from about a 1/2 mile away.

Here is a row of trees sucked out of the ground by the roots.

Of course, I didn't even get pictures of the worst of it...many roads were blocked off where the worst damage was to be found. The farm of a lady who works right across the hall from me was hit. Their home suffered some damage, but survived. However, basically the rest of their outbuildings are sad...but certainly happy that she and her husband are okay and that their home is repairable.

As for some scrapbooking news, I did have Monday off and scrapped the whole day...for the first time in quite a long time. It was great fun and I got about three layouts done in between laundry and other things, of course.

A little more exciting news, though, is that I have been asked to create a layout for Becky Fleck's June Page Maps Newsletter! I am quite excited about that!! She is basically one of the "Queens of Scrapbook Layout Sketches" as far as I am concerned. I already got my assigned sketch and I love it! I will be sure to point a link to her site and the layout once it is up!!

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