Friday, May 11, 2007

Lee needs a date book?

My younger brother, Lee, is a Senior (finally!) at SDSU and is working towards a degree with a double major in mechanical and industrial engineering. So, he's a smart kid, right? Sure, when he wants to be.

My folks just went up to Brookings last weekend to pack him up and bring him home for the summer as he is going to be doing an internship with Kohlberg-Pioneer in Yankton this summer. They all came to town the other day and called me at work to see if I could go for lunch with them...luckily, I could 'cause I really needed a laugh!

He has all these random little things he says that really crack me up. I'm not even sure that I can express his humor in, I'll try to show you. Clearification is a website that I ran across a while back and this comedian really kind of reminds me of Lee...his mannerisms, the straight face or barely there smile while saying the strangest things...this is who I tell Lee he would be like if he was actually funny (because, of course, I can't just come out and admit to him that I really do think he is kind of funny)...just watch for awhile...I especially like the 'working out' and 'pit stains' Lee...(if you're impatient, you can go directly to it by clicking on 'thoughts' and then scrolling through the list). (UPDATE: It seems that the above linked website no longer exists as it did when I first make this post. So can listen to this:

What did you think? I realize that my type of humor is not every one's so I apologize if that was not enjoyable for you (or maybe even a little painful).

Anyway, here is one snippet of what transpired during our lunch:

"Mom, get me a date book. I got things to do this summer," Lee said. He was referring to 'stuff' concerning his internship (I think).

"You need a 'date' book to keep track of all your women?" I asked. "Mom, you can just get him a sheet of paper for sheet will be more than enough."

Now, here's what I really love about Lee.

In response to that jibe, he leans over the table (no, not to hit me) and grabs the little slip of receipt from our meal and says, "Actually, for that, I could just use this."

I don't know about you, but we all laughed - even Lee. I love that he can dish it AND take it...not every one's is very good about that, but he can certainly laugh at himself a little, too.

Love ya, little brother!
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