Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kaitlin's first swim lesson...

...went swimmingly! Last night was the first session of preschool swimmers and there was no fear. Sure, she loves her baths and the 'kiddie pool' (which gets no deeper than 1 1/2 feet), but I was wondering how going into a 'BIG' pool was going to go for her. I was just happy to see that falling into the Missouri River at almost 2 years old hadn't scarred her for life.

This is her teacher, Travis. Don't they all look so trusting as he leads them into the water? I think Kaitlin has a new crush!

He started out slow...a little leg kicking along the side of the pool.

Then things got a little more serious...blowing bubbles...maybe...I'm not sure she actually did it.

But doesn't she just look smashing in her turquoise swimming ensemble?

I can just hear her..."For you, Travis, I'll jump anywhere!"

A little more kicking...

Then, some "Red Light, Green Light." Hey, I don't remember swimming lessons being this much fun! I just remember the shock of a freezing cold outdoor pool when I hardly had the chance to rub the sleep out of my eyes after rolling out of bed in the early morning!

"That was fun, Mom! Do we get to come again the next day (aka - tomorrow)?"
"No, honey. You don't have lessons again until Thursday night."
" fair!"

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