Thursday, May 3, 2007

It's National Photo Month!

May is National Photo Month!! What a perfect time to focus on taking more and better pictures...I definitely have some photo shoot ideas in mind for Miss Kaitlin this month!

I've come across some great photo tips and resources online (like here and here)as my interest on photography has developed. Some principles might seem 'basic' (the rule of thirds, use of natural light, etc.), but it never ceases to amaze me that my favorite photos ALWAYS employ at least one of them.

I've also learned that there are some really great ways to 'enhance' good pictures and even save bad ones through the use of you computer. There are some really great filters (like here) and actions (like here) out there. Best of all...the ones I've listed here are FREE!

There are also other very easy to use and free programs that can be downloaded from the Internet (like Picasa) that offer some great effects with a simple click of the mouse.

I have added all these photo resources to 'Inspiration & Resources' link above.
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