Thursday, May 31, 2007

Google Alert from Penguin's Igloo: Life's Little Notebook-The Scribbles

Google Alerts are great!

I got an alert today that I (more specifically, my blog) was mentioned somewhere on the web. I followed the link to find that I am listed in someone's top 10 favorite blogs (Penguin's Igloo: Life's Little Notebook-The Scribbles).

I am not at all familiar with Window LiveSpaces (like, never even been on it before today) and wanted to leave a thank you to the author in their comments or by emailing them, but couldn't find any way to do so (without signing up for a hotmail account or something and as I'm sure you can all relate, I don't need another email account through which I get primarily junk mail!).

Anyway, so I am hoping that the author will come back here (since I am in their TOP 10, after all) and see this big THANK YOU for the mention and this PS - if you dream of living on a ranch and love horses, you definitely need to check out this blog. I think it just might make your top long as it doesn't knock me out, that is! :-)
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