Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The park is farther than you think...

Kaitlin has been experiencing some serious spring fever for several weeks now...just itching to get outside and play, asking to go to the park and such. Well, yesterday, with our beautiful, finally-like-spring weather, I decided we'd walk to the park after I got home from work. I had assumed we'd bring out the stroller and Kaitlin would 'enjoy the ride'. But, no, she decided that she was going to ride her little red Radio Flyer tricycle to the park.

"Are you sure, honey? I think the park is farther than you think." Tripp park is about a 1/2 mile from our house.

"Yup...I want to ride my bike," she insisted.

Well, she made it...slowly...I definitely wasn't going to break a sweat keeping up with her. I might have broke a sweat trying to keep her toward the side of the road, though, as there are not sidewalks to use along all the streets on the way to the park. She played for about 20 minutes and then we headed back home and she rode all the way again...but she was pretty tired by the end of it and it took a little coaxing to keep her on the bike the last block or so.

"I think next time we'll take the stroller."

She said, "I think that's a VERY good idea, Mom."

I just savor the moments when she agrees with me!
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