Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Some sad, some sweet and a little American Idol commentary...

This week has been kind of a doozy so far. Yesterday I found out that my cousin, who has been struggling with cancer for a while now, was rather suddenly not doing very well at all and found out later in the evening they she had passed. It is so very sad as she was really rather young and her oldest daughter is just about to get married. If fact, her bridal shower was supposed to be this weekend. I will be going to the funeral with my family on Friday.

I also ended up going home early yesterday afternoon with a feverish little girl, but it seems that that was a fleeting thing, thankfully, as she was doing better and no more fever by this morning already.

On top of that, I heard from my mother-in-law early this morning and Justin's grandmother is not doing well either and is in the hospital with a rather severe case of pneumonia. Hopefully she will pull through just fine...we are certainly praying for her recovery.

With all this, I needed a little to brighten my day and received the following in an email from a friend. It is so adorable...

It also reminds me of something that happened a couple weeks ago. Kaitlin had been struggling a while with biting her nails and I was really encouraging her to stop. She has, so I have kind of made a 'reward' out of painting her nails every now and then. One day, she decided that she wanted to paint my nails. As you can imagine, at 4 1/2, she doesn't have a very steady hand, so I let her do my toes (it would be covered up by my shoes anyway, right?). Well, she wasn't quite satisfied, so I teased that she should do Daddy's fingernails and he let her...with dark red nail polish!! He even went to work the next day with it on!! Not sure if he did that so as not to hurt her feelings by taking it off right away or to draw attention to himself. He does like attention, you know...any kind. :-) Regardless, it was pretty cute watching her paint his fingernails. If I had been thinking, I would have gotten a picture of the final result...oh well, maybe Kaitlin will make a repeat attempt one of these days!

Now for a little AI commentary...a little short and sweet this week...just not quite in the mood. The men and women went through another round of performances last night and tonight. This week, the guys were a little weak and the women shown (a flip from last week).

My vote for favorites went to:
Men - Chris Sligh
Women - Jordin Sparks

My votes for who should go:
Men - Sanjaya Malakar & Jared Cotter
Women - Antonella Barba & Haley Scarnato

I only got one out of four right last week...we'll see if I do any better this week...
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