Sunday, March 11, 2007

Quite the week...

On Friday, my sister and I drove to LeMars together to meet the rest of the family and attend my cousin Teri's funeral. It was a sad, but very beautiful service. On the way home, my Mom, Dad, sister, older brother and his girlfriend all went through Sioux City to have dinner at the Olive Garden. It was some nice family time together.

Yesterday, my mom, sister, Kaitlin and I all headed back to LeMars for Molly's (Teri's daughter) wedding shower. Initially, we assumed that it might be rescheduled, but looking back, I am sure that is just what Teri would have wanted...for Molly to still have her day just as planned. It was a very nice shower and a chance to visit.

As soon as we got back from LeMars and we were soon getting ready to go to Justin's parents' house in Springfield for supper. Two of his younger brothers have birthdays next week and we still often get together to celebrate Paulson birthdays.

We had planned to go see Justin's grandma Alice in the hospital today; however, we got the sad news that she had passed away last night while we were at his parents house. What a week it has been.

On a lighter note, Kaitlin drew this picture on her magnidoodle yesterday and I couldn't get over how good it was...I had to take a picture.

Can you tell what it is? Just in case you need a hint, it has a mane, roars and lives where there is a really big sun!!
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