Friday, March 2, 2007

Only 1 for 4 on AI this week...

Not so good, huh? Well, I don't think that America got it 'right' this time and it seemed the judges agreed with me on that was very obvious that they did not feel that the 'right' ones left the competition last night.

The two boys to go:
AJ Tabaldo
Nicholas Pedro

VERY dissapointed by these results...I think even Sanjaya was too shocked for words when it turned out to be AJ that was booted and not him. I felt awful for AJ...he SO deserved to stay after his performance on Tuesday. I was also quite surprised by Nicholas' boot - he's not a favorite of mine really, but most definitely has a better voice/talent than some of the guys still in the competition.

The two girls to go:
Alaina Alexander
Leslie Hunt

Well, here's were I got one right - Alaina; however, I would have said that Antonella deserved the boot 'more' than she did. I'm not entirely surprised that Leslie got the vote...I really didn't expect her to make it past next week anyway.

I guess this is why it is so easy to have such a love/hate relationship with just really never know what is going to happen.
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