Saturday, February 3, 2007

What? Nine days off...

Yup...this is DAY ONE of a nine day vacation for me.

Pam, Kaitlin's daycare provider, is taking a much deserved vacation and going to Vegas for a week. That meant trying to find someone else that I trust and has nothing else to do for a whole week. If that doesn't sound easy, that's because its NOT! So, what's the best solution? I get a week off, too!! :-)

What am I going to do with 9 whole days off? Well, here's my 'wish' list (in no certain order):

  • Spend some quality time with Kaitlin, of course...maybe watch some 'toons' together! :-)
  • it or not (NOT!), I must do some cleaning...the bathroom is in dire need. There are other areas also, but I come to believe that there's just no use...i.e. the basement. Between all of Kaitlin and Justin's stuff, there's just no hope!
  • Play 'stay-at-home-mom' and drop Kaitlin off and pick her up from school personally on M, W, & F next week.
  • Visit my Grandma Marcella to collect old photos. In college, I borrowed many old family photos for a family history project. At the time, I didn't have access to a scanner, so I just made photocopies of everything. Well, those are certainly not going to stand the test of time, so was hoping to now scan and make digital files of them instead...that will make for much better reproductions also if I ever do get around to my family history scrapbook.
  • Speaking of scrapbooks...yes, I definitely hope to get a bit of that in this week. Okay, really I'd like to do a lot of this. Of course!
  • Go out to lunch with my co-workers, Rhnissa & Jeanne, at Mexico Viejo on Monday...see, I can't even stay away from them when I have the week off! I would miss them too much
  • Clean....
  • Take some pictures!! With the cold weather, I just haven't been taking pics as I usually perfer outdoor pics...better lighting, better scenery. We'll have to give the indoor photo shoot a try again this week.
  • Visit Shane, Becky & their new baby, Kendra. A friend of mine from MMC had a baby a couple weeks ago and I still haven't been to visit...I feel aweful about this! Bad friend! It's just been so busy and, again, with the cold, just don't feel like going out at all!
  • Blog!! I'm still playing with all the extras...might just change my template this might see some major changes ahead!
  • Go out to the farm to visit Mom & Dad. Yes, Mom, I heard your little hint the other day! :-)
  • Maybe go to Sioux Falls. I know as soon as Lynnie finds out that I have the week off, she's going to be asking when we're coming up!
  • Help Kaitlin make her Valentine's for for her friends at daycare and preschool.
  • Finish the book I am reading now - The River King - and start the new one that I have waiting - Crow Lake.
  • Take Kaitlin to McDonald's for lunch and an afternoon matinee. It will have to be "A Night at the Museum" - that's the only PG movie at the theatre right now.
  • Clean...sorry...just reminding myself because I know this the item I would most like to forget about! Anyone want to help me out on this one? No, didn't think so...
  • Try not to think about the pile of work that is going to be in my inboxes (physical and email) next week!!

Notice I said 'wish' list? Let's just say I will be entirely amazed if I get all of this done in my time off. Nine days sounds like a lot, but we all know how quickly time can go when you want to to go slowly.

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