Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wedding photos of Emil & Marcella (Vitek) Pechous

There is a couple from Nebraska (originally from the Tabor area) that is working on compiling a history of Tabor and have asked anyone willing to help provide information on their family histories. My aunt Joyce has always been interested in our family genealogy and knowing that I have dabbled in it a bit myself from time to time, has asked me to help out with the writing part for the Vitek and Pechous histories.

On Monday, she and I spent nearly the whole afternoon over at Grandma and Grandpa Pechous' just talking and looking at pictures. I brought a rather large pile of photo albums home with me to start scanning in some of the more prominent family photos and these were certainly two that stood out to me. I have seen their formal wedding pictures...you know the ones - where everyone lots so stiff and no one ever seems to smile. These, though, say so much more to me.

Look at my Grandpa's beaming smile and how straight and proud his stance is and the way that my Grandmother's dress is blowing in the wind. I also love the fact that you can see so much of the house and the car in the next photo - tells a lot about the time period of the photo. It's funny that you can think of someone as 'grandpa' and 'grandma' all your life and then see a picture like this and see them very differently...in a way, realizing how much 'more' than just 'grandma' and 'grandpa' they truly are.

I am assuming these were taken at the Vitek farm as Grandma said that wedding receptions were commonly held at the home of the bride's parents in those day...I will to ask for sure.
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