Thursday, February 8, 2007

Outdoor photography rules!

Well, I've been getting a few more things knocked of my list. Yesterday I took Kaitlin to lunch at McDonald's after I picked her up from preschool. I let her play BEFORE we ordered food...see, sometimes I'm smart. The plan was to then take her to the movies, but found out the Yankton theatre doesn't have weekday matinees - go figure. I guess we'll just have to try to fit that one in this weekend hopefully.

Kindergarten registration was yesterday afternoon, so we went to Beadle to take care of that. No, we're still not 100% decided what we are going to do there (Jr. K at Webster or K at Beadle), but after visiting Beadle and meeting the two Kindergarten teachers there, I am kind of leaning that way. They said that if we did end up deciding on Jr. K that it would be no big deal and they would just send her information on over to Webster. Now that she is registered, though, she is scheduled to get a Kindergarten screening at the community library in May, so that should help us to make the final decision.

This morning we tried that indoor photo shoot...ugh...I give up with trying to get good photos indoors. The lighting is just not good in our house and I don't have the equipment (or money to get it) to make it good. I did get one of her with her fuzzy blankie that I think looks okay after fiddling with it for a while in Picasa (we'll see when we get the actual print - it's often hard to tell on the computer screen how clear in will be in print). I've been wanting to do a layout about her fuzzy blankie for quite some time as she has been quite attached to it ever since she was born - it's holding up amazingly well. It was a gift from Justin's boss when he was at Checker, Renae.

I had to go into work today for a couple hours for a newspaper meeting and to follow up on a few other things...I just can't stay away from there for a whole week!! Kaitlin brought her schoolbag stocked with color books and colors and she was pretty good.

After we got done there, we went over to the GAR Hall and I took some pics of Kaitlin in her pink Old Navy coat in front of the building. Now those, I LOVE!! Outdoor lighting...nothing better!! I had 10-15 pictures that came out great (makes for expensive photo ordering!!). Here's just a couple:

Can you say "Little Miss Attitude" on that second one!! She can really be quite the poser sometimes!
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