Thursday, February 15, 2007

My first Parent-Teacher Conference...

I went to my very first Parent-Teacher Conference today over my lunch hour. It was quite insightful and Kaitlin's teacher, Mrs. Kennedy, gave me a lot to think about. Although I had been leaning towards Kindergarten at Beadle...I am now leaning back towards the Jr. K. option. Not that Mrs. Kennedy had anything negative to say - quite the opposite.

  • She said that Kaitlin's academic knowledge is right on track for children her age (she may be slightly behind others in her class, but she is also one of the youngest.)
  • She said that she has no problems in the area of sociability...she is quick to make friends, quick to include others in play, not afraid to speak up and share her opinions...
  • She does sometimes need a reminder to share (well, she is an only child after all...), but that those needed reminders are infrequent and subtle.
  • She is extremely creative and imaginative in her artwork (here she seems advanced for her age), her speaking and storytelling ability, and in her play activities.
  • Mrs. Kennedy feels that she has great potential to be a leader among her classmates and feels that she would really shine if amongst children closer to her own age, therefore she is recommending Jr. K.
  • Mrs. Kennedy's final comment: "Kaitlin is a talkative sweet little thing with a ton of potential."
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