Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My American Idol commentary...

Okay, so the boys REALLY stepped it up this week. I can honestly say that there wasn't one that I felt didn't do a good job...vocally. Some of the song choices weren't the best and I felt that some of them could have done 'more' with their talent, but it wouldn't be much of a competition if they were all perfect every week, I suppose, right?
Anyway...here's my picks for 2/27/07:

My vote went to:
Phil Stacey - I really like this guy. I like his song choices. I like his tone. I'm starting to wonder if I have a thing for guys with bald heads as Chris Daughtry was definitely one of my favorites last season...hmmm...

Who I think will/should go:
#1 - Sanjaya Malakar - Sorry, I didn't like him last week and didn't like him this week. Granted, he can sing, but personally I just don't like his voice or his song choices.

#2 - Brandon Rogers - I LOVE the song he sang (Time after time by Cyndi Lauper), and although it was O.K., he just didn't do it justice...it seemed way too slow and lacking energy. If there is anything Lauper isn't, it's lacking energy and he didn't really do anything to make it his own either!

My vote for most improved from last week:
Hands down - AJ Tabaldo - Last week he seemed so uncomfortable in his skin on that stage and it was evident in his singing. This week was totally different and he did a GREAT job!!

So, American Idol watchers...what do you agree? What are your votes for who should stay, who should go and most improved?
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