Monday, February 12, 2007

More Kaitlin witticisms...

Okay, it just seems like Kaitlin's coming up with more of these little witticisms lately and I have to record them or I know I will forget!!
Last night:
We were watching an animal program on TV and a commercial came on for Disneyland.
Kaitlin: "Mom, can we got there?"
Me: "Hopefully we'll be able to visit there someday."
Kaitlin: "How 'bout Tuesday?"

This morning:
I was driving Kaitlin to school and we had just passed the stop lights at Broadway and Hwy 50.
Kaitlin: "Mom, I was wondering...are there people in the stop lights?"
Me: "No, there's not enough room for a person in there."
Kaitlin: "But how do the lights know when to change then?"
Me: "They run by electricity."
Kaitlin: "Oh, you mean like batteries."

More to come, I'm sure!

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