Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kaitlin's been SPOTTED!

Our local newspaper, the Yankton P&D, did a special insert of some of their pictures over the past year and Kaitlin made the front page!! Sure it's nothing to do with that cute little face of hers! The picture is from the Sacred Heart School Christmas Program that was held at the YHS theatre on December 21st.

Do you see her? She's the cute little blond girl second from the right...she's small, so hidden a little, but she is most definitely there!

Today, was a fairly non-eventful Valentine's Day...I actually had to work late tonight (my turn to supervise our student callers), so I just got home a bit ago and Kaitlin was already asleep. Bummer...I won't even get to give her her Valentine's Day card. Oh well, tomorrow's another day and I'm sure she won't mind.

Last night, Justin did bring me a single peach-colored rose. It is quite beautiful...see?
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