Sunday, January 21, 2007

Scrapping 'The Wonderful World of Disney...on Ice"

Kaitlin's been feeling a little under the weather today, so I have been doing some scrapping (and laundry) while she's been snuggling on the couch and watching toons most of the day. She's got a bit of a fever...I hope it isn't going to develop into anything too serious.

So back in early December we went to Disney on Ice with Lynn and Mom. It took me a while to scrap it because I had so many pictures and was having a hard time narrowing them down. I finally did it, but still had a lot. This is probably one of the simplest layouts I've done in a while as far as product goes (it's basically just cardstock and pictures), but there's not room for much else with all those pics!!

In December, Lynnie was able to get us some free tickets to Disney on Ice at the Sioux Falls Arena through her job at Backyard Broadcasting. It probably wouldn’t have been something I would have taken you to otherwise considering Lynnie said tickets run at a minimum of 30 dollars a piece otherwise. It was a VERY cold day and even colder by the time you, me, Grandma Sue and Lynnie headed over to the arena. Obviously, Kailtin loved the show...just look at that grin. What I didn’t expect, though, was that I really enjoyed it, too. It wasn’t quite as ‘cheesy’ as I imagined it would be and the costumes were just beautiful...and watching your excitement throughout the show was definitely half the fun!

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