Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Spur for Scrapbookers #2 - Using Witticisms to Record Family History

This weeks Scrapbooker's Sunday Six involves the little witticisms of those you know the things they say that make you smile or maybe even bust out laughing. You must list six...all six witticisms can come from one person, one from six different people or some other combination.

Either participate in the meme through a comment here or copy and paste into your own online journal...but either way, be sure to leave a link to your journal in my comment section so that everyone else can visit!

My Scrapbooker's Sunday Six Witticisms:

#1 - Kaitlin - "Mom, I love you up to Heaven, the moon, the stars and all the way to Canada!" (The first ones are pretty typical. These comments from her started after many readings of "Guess How Much I Love You"; however, when she through 'Canada' in there the other day, that was quite unexpected! It was followed by "Mom, how far is Canada?")

#2 - Kaitlin - "Did you know that some people have vampire teeth? Really, they do." (No idea where this came from, but she is quite convinced.)

#3 - My Dad - "It's like pouring water on a rock...nothing soaks in." (He said this in response to my trying to teach them how to use the Internet after recently getting a connection of their own at home.)

#4 - Kaitlin - "Mom, that was sooo nice of her to say." (In response to the 'lady' computer voice that said "Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart." while we were going through the self-checkout the other day. Wow, I guess even computers can have manners!)

#5 - Kaitlin - "...for real, Mom." (Usually comes after a statement that I am sceptical of its validity.)

#6 - Kaitlin - "Super serious." (Often follows the aforementioned "...for real, Mom." in a last ditch effort to convince.)

Yes, my list is dominated by Kaitlin...hey, 4-year-olds say some funny things!

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