Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A conversation with Kaitlin...

This is just a bit of the conversation that Kaitlin and I had while we were relaxing out by the wood burning stove last night and warming up a bit.

"Mom, I wish I lived in a castle," Kaitlin said after we had been sitting there quietly for awhile.
"A castle?"
"Yes, and I wish I was a princess that lived in the castle way up in the sky."
"But I would miss you if you were a princess and lived in a castle way up in the sky."
"I wish that you could be a princess, too, Mom."
"Oh, that would be nice."
"Yeah, and Daddy could be one of the soldiers that protects us."
"You mean like a knight in shining armour?"
"Yeah, and he can fight the dragons."
"There are dragons??"
"It is a castle in the sky, Mom," she said, as if this should be assumed of any castle in the sky. Well, of course, what was I thinking!

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